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Anyone who’s ever been to a backyard barbecue will be familiar with Telluride’s scenic beauty and iconic silhouettes—the mountain range surrounding the town has graced Coors beer cans and bottles since the ’70s. But now this low-key, artsy, historic Colorado mountain town is turning into a destination in its own right. Telluride Film Festival precedes Sundance, making it the place with the most film premieres outside of New York and Los Angeles. (A few months back, Quentin Tarantino shot his new movie, The Hateful Eight, here on 70 millimeter, scheduled for a Christmas release.) Ralph Lauren has a ranch here, and anyone in town will mention—casually, of course—that they’ve bumped into Oprah, Daryl Hannah, and Neil Young on the downtown drag. As the saying goes, “You go to Aspen to be seen; Telluride is for hanging out.” And despite its tiny size—the box canyon curbs the population at around 2,500 people—there are plenty of great places to stay, eat, and drink while in town. Here are our picks.

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